Food is variety, a modern service thus becomes the stage,
which provide for infinite variations today.
Whether English Breakfast, German “Abendbrot”
or Spanish dinner at night with one, two and even more courses,
we send our senses on a journey.
Create with the convertible platters and plates
of Nendoo a festival of colors.

Scope for self-expression and personal decorating ideas with a modern and multifunctional style.

Nendoo – a whole new kind of tableware!

Say goodbye to fixed sets of crockery, cabinets full of plates, cups and tureens, and say hello to a design concept based on flexible lifestyle accessories for numerous different looks and new functions. Create your own personal table architecture, and turn your table into a stage. Combine a range of items to make a new statement
time and time again.

Whether they're for you or from you:
Nendoo never fails to please. From total concepts to single items,
Nendoo can be the star of the table and the living room,
bathroom, office or garden. It also makes the perfect gift
to delight someone special. Everybody needs a little Nendoo!

From a quick bite to a leisurely brunch,
from the simple to the sublime, aromatic coffee,
fresh croissants, crispy muesli, fresh eggs...
Start your day off in style with your personal favourites
and with Nendoo.

Dinner for two, family get-togethers, dinner with the boss…
there’s nothing Nendoo can’t handle. Prefer a classic look?
No problem! Nendoo’s stylish, functional accessories
are the highlight of your individual table architecture.
They suit your style for any occasion.

Calling all coffee fans and tea lovers,
dessert aficionados and gourmands:
Nendoo has the perfect cup for every speciality beverage!
Our mini etageres add the final touch
to a spectacular coffee and tea setting: cupcakes, tarts,
fine chocolates, macaroons, truffles...and your ideas.